Scam Artists Running Lottery Ticket Scam In Las Vegas Sought

LAS VEGAS, NV – In February, two unidentified individuals orchestrated a lottery ticket scam in Las Vegas, allegedly targeting older Spanish speaking Hispanic women, police say. According to a Metro release, the two perpetrators approached the victims asking for help cashing a lottery ticket before taking their money and leaving them at a local business or residence.

Police say a man and a woman between 35-45 years old are responsible for the crime. According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, the woman approaches the victims asking for help to cash a winning lottery ticket, saying she can’t cash the ticket herself because of her legal status in America. The male then approaches the woman and the suspect and offers help. The woman gets in the man’s car, "to make the victim feel more comfortable," according to the Metro release. They then make a phone call inside the car to a number that says the ticket is worth $1,000,000, but requires a payment before claiming the prize. The man and woman take the victims to the ATM or bank to withdraw the cash, then tell them to go to a local business to get something to complete the transaction. At that point, the man and woman drive off in a car while the victims are left where they are.

Police say that because of the age of the victims, both over 50, and the fact that they were Spanish speaking, the two perpetrators may be targeting that specific demographic.

The vehicle used in the crimes is a black four-door sedan. Anyone with information about the crimes is encouraged to call LVMPD at 702-828-3483 or 702-385-5555.

Images and video via LVMPD


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